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Ken Nnebue still insists that their film “surviving in Bondage” was the Home that is first Video created for commercial purposes. Their stand regarding the matter is pretty shaky, having prior to the manufacturing of residing in Bondage sponsored movies that are commercial Yoruba language such as Ina Ote, Aje N’iyami as well as others. Let’s not forget the barrage of Yoruba TV dramas that have been mass produced on VHS tapes and offered to the public before 1992. One can’t fail to point out the famous Eddie Ugbomah’s film “the attempt that is great (1989), which will have made history since the 1st Nigerian cine film in the video tape format to own been censored by the defunct Federal Board of Film Censors (FBFC) based on a “special concession” given him officially by the permanent secretary for the Federal Ministry of Ideas and Culture at that time.

Unfortunately the contents that are strong in the film had been considered unsuitable for public watching by the Board, hence the movie was never released. Tunde Alabi -Hundeyin’s “Iyawo Alhaji” is officially in record because the very first commercial (direct to exhibition hall) video clip movie become classified and censored by the NFVCB in 1994 at the National Theatre, (Cinema Hall) Iganmu. Despite the fire that is controversial, the global publicity provided to “staying in Bondage” through the years invariably imputed the movie into our memory banking institutions due to the fact banner bearer of the property Video revolution of most times. Individuals, irrespective of Nationality, race, gender, and tribe are confronted with challenges for a basis that is daily. A few of these problems are of a nature that is global while some are peculiar to different societies. Films provide people the chance of telling their stories that are own clear of alien interference.
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Nollywood represents the movie industry in Nigeria. It is unique and it is greatly different from Hollywood. Hollywood concentrates mostly on producing quality films using techniques that are sophisticated. It can take months that are many even years to make a film. Quality of these films tend to be exceptional. But also for Nigerian movies, the main focus is really a complete many more on content. Since manufacturers do not have usage of pockets that are deep Hollywood producers, they have to produce methods to make movies without having to sacrifice the grade of the films. They accomplish this by emphasizing on good quality content. Consequently, in many Nollywood movies, the story lines are often very strong. They’re not extremely imaginative, but can be accepted by the population that is nigerian. The reason being all of the content centers on tale lines which are about the African people. They can recognize using the plots and have a tendency to enjoy movies that are local. Making use of this strategy that is clever Nollywood movies have now been able to beat (outsell) Hollywood movies.

Another the main strategy involves movies that are producing huge figures. The rate of manufacturing is between a thousand up to a couple of thousand every year. More and more film producers are joining the movie industry as they possibly can now make movies having a budget that is relatively low. The number that is great of movies overwhelm the rest of the films. As a result, other films find it hard to compete in this film industry that is thriving.

Nollywood movies are mostly generated by separate filmmakers and businessmen. The return is extremely attractive. A movie takes pretty much a week to be completed and cost about US $20,000 to produce. As soon as completed, a movie can offer over 150,000 units in a single day. With such appealing returns, many movie manufacturers attempt to make as many movies as they possibly can which are within budget and certainly will sell well. These films could be produced cheaply mainly because producers are making full utilization of cheap digital equipment.

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